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Sunway Education Group CEO Professor Dato’ Dr Elizabeth Lee Elected Honorary Fellow of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge

Professor Dato’ Dr. Elizabeth Lee has been elected an Honorary Fellow of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, marking a significant recognition of her lifelong dedication to education. As an alumna of Wolfson College, she earned her MPhil in Education in 1985 with a thesis titled “Gender Differences in Second Language Acquisition,” which catalysed positive changes in Malaysian schools, promoting a more balanced enrolment of boys and girls in sciences and arts beyond sixth form.

Currently serving as the Group Chief Executive of Sunway Education, which is owned and governed by the not-for-profit Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, Professor Lee has steered the group’s expansion since 1992, overseeing its growth from a single institution to a network of 20 establishments spanning early childhood learning to research-intensive centres, notably Sunway University.

Aligned with Wolfson College’s ethos, Sunway Education shares a commitment to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Planetary Health, with a focus on equitable access to quality education. Professor Lee’s leadership has garnered international recognition through numerous awards, particularly for her advocacy for women in education and business, reflecting her reputation as an inclusive leader.

Expressing her belief in the transformative power of education, Professor Lee emphasises the role of educators in shaping future leaders. Her collaboration with Wolfson College has strengthened ties with the ASEAN Young Scientists Network, leading to two international conferences hosted at Sunway, fostering emerging researchers from across the ASEAN region.

In welcoming Professor Lee as an Honorary Fellow, President Professor Jane Clarke underscores their shared conviction that education serves as a catalyst for positive global change. Professor Lee’s tireless efforts to promote education accessibility, especially for girls in South-East Asia, resonate deeply with Wolfson College’s values, affirming her status as an esteemed advocate for education.