Value of Membership

Throughout the course of our work, we received inspiring messages and favourable comments from supportive members, bolstering our determination to forge ahead. The following feedback is a testament to the appreciation we have received.


“BMCC has enabled XCL Education to work with like-minded schools and companies to champion and advocate for private and international schools serving the British-Malaysian community. Whether in connecting with government and other members to widen our opportunities for our students, their families, and our colleagues, the chamber helps us to promote Malaysia as a growing destination for learning and career development.”

Anthony Partington
Chief Executive Officer, XCL Education Malaysia


“BMCC has provided its members with unlimited opportunities to network, collaborate, and learn from each other on how we can improve society, which is truly commendable.”

Ir. Muhammad Royani Mohd Adnan
Managing Director – Malaysia, Mott MacDonald


“Being a BMCC member has opened doors to connecting with competent industry players and strengthening relationships with partners and leaders of various industries. This is crucial for Arup as we build on the collaboration, support, and trust of our clients, collaborators, and our own members who continually find new solutions to create a more sustainable world.”

Khedzair Osman
Markets & Clients Leader, Arup Malaysia


“Our membership in the BMCC has provided us with expert guidance, an influential network, and a strong voice in the Malaysian business community.”

Michael Bright
Managing Director, IMSM Limited


“The BMCC continues to do a fantastic job of supporting the fostering of business relationships, which resonates well with YTL. In addition, the BMCC’s commitment to continuous learning and professional development with the setting up of the DEI committee underscores its dedication to promoting international best practices. There is much benefit that YTL derives from being a long standing BMCC member.”

Natasha Zulkifli
Stakeholder Director, YTL Construction


“Being a member of the BMCC means we can continue to foster ties, network between both parties and other members as well as contribute to the country and provide access to valuable resources that may benefit the business of each organisation.”

Professor Mushtak Al-Atabi
Provost & CEO, Herriot-Watt University Malaysia


“Our membership with BMCC has already opened new doors and given us contacts, particularly in the education sector that we did not have before. This coupled with the opportunity to network with the UK business sector operating in Malaysia opens our minds to new possibilities and how we might address the challenges of the future.”

Professor Ray Priest
Managing Director, UWE International Educational Services

Testimonial_OWEN MUM

“Our products and services require an eclectic and highly-skilled workforce, and we are proud to have been able to find first-class talent in Malaysia. We view BMCC as a proactive partner for support in assisting member’s needs.”

Shirley Loh
Regional Managing Director, Owen Mumford Malaysia


“The BMCC continues to support Weir Minerals Malaysia across a range of important areas and provides excellent opportunities for dialogue, engagement, and best practice sharing with various bodies including government and industry players in key areas such as sustainability.”

Stephen Frendt
Managing Director, Weir Minerals Malaysia


“Through the BMCC and its member organisations, we look to share our expertise, open up our network and be part of a community that fully embraces the value of HR and the impact it needs to have in the world of work.”

Tony Osude
Commercial & Marketing Director, CIPD Asia Ltd


“We have found the BMCC leadership team to be very supportive and effective in creating purposeful networks of support as well as being influential in successfully facilitating solutions to difficulties that we, as an individual organisation, had been unable to resolve.”

Matthew Brown
Headmaster, Epsom College Malaysia


“The BMCC has provided proactive support in building my business network which has led to direct opportunities for my organisation. The BMCC has assisted in facilitating direct access to key people in my industry.”

Leon Rosario
ASEAN Technical & Marketing Director, Ricardo Asia Ltd (UK) Malaysia Branch


“I am deeply grateful for my years within the BMCC community. This place is more than welcoming; it’s a vibrant hub of enthusiasm, where every member is eager to network and collaborate for the greater good.

Lim Yee Von
CEO of Xinergee Sdn Bhd


“Being a member of the BMCC has helped me successfully set up a representative office in Malaysia. They introduced key contacts at organisations such as MIDA and DIT. I’ve also attended a mixture of seminars and networking events to broaden my knowledge of the Malaysian market and build a strong network.”

Ryan Telling
Regional Sales Manager, Bowers Group