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Digital & Information Communications Technology (ICT)

Digital & Information Communications Technology (ICT)

Asset Data Solutions Sdn Bhd

Providing fixed asset management in the cloud and assisting clients by providing an asset audit service

Digital & Information Communications Technology (ICT)

Clarivate (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Clarivate (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is one of the 3 Center Of Excellence, serving as a hub in APAC, focused on delivering top-notch customer experience to global customers, operating 24×7 and expanding the footprint in APAC. Clarivate (Malaysia) has experienced exponential growth, in a span of 2 years and the projected headcount and footprint in Penang are expected to grow further. We provide global shared services support (focusing both on Life Sciences and Intellectual Property service offerings) supporting more than 12 functions. The goal is also to grow Penang as a hub of domain experts and a language centre supporting Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and English languages.

Digital & Information Communications Technology (ICT)

Endava Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Endava, a leading global provider of digital acceleration, agile development, and intelligent automation services, has announced the expansion of its delivery operation footprint here. Endava Malaysia is the company’s first delivery operation centre in South-East Asia and a hub for future expansion in the region. Its strategy is to become a major player in providing technology to organisations in trading, mining and logistics, payments and insurance sectors in the APAC region. Last fiscal year, Endava had 11,853 employees globally, and a revenue of £654.8 million (46.7% increase to the prior year), of which 35% of the revenue was generated in North America, 21% in Europe, and 41% in the UK.

Digital & Information Communications Technology (ICT)

Glue Up

All-in-one engagement management CRM, designed to transform membership management with events, community, email and other powerful digital tools.

Digital & Information Communications Technology (ICT)

Informed Solutions

Informed Solutions provides enterprise technology platforms and services that support large-scale digital transformation. Our clients are globally recognised public and private sector brands operating in a variety of sectors including Civil Defence, Healthcare, Sustainable Environment and Land Asset Management, and Digital Democracy. The multi-Queen’s Award-winning data and AI-powered platforms and services we develop help make the world a safer, greener, healthier, and smarter place. They are used by millions of people every day in a connected converged world.

Digital & Information Communications Technology (ICT)

Kagool Sdn Bhd

Kagool is a leading global data & analytics and ERP specialist, offering consultancy and best-of-breed integration solutions. We empower clients through cloud platforms and emerging technologies by understanding complex challenges to make informed decisions and accelerate potential business value.

Digital & Information Communications Technology (ICT)

Pickering Interfaces Ltd

Manufacturer of modular switching and instrumentation for use in electronic test and simulation. Our products are used for testing electronic assemblies and components in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, communications, medical and industrial automation. These products are specified in test systems installed throughout the world and have a reputation for providing excellent quality and reliability.

Digital & Information Communications Technology (ICT) 

Robust HPC Sdn Bhd

Robust HPC is an expert team that specializes in providing HPC & AI supercomputing infrastructure to accelerate CFD, FEA, Seismic, Deep Learning training and any computational simulation. Robust HPC deploys on-premise solutions with end-to-end system integration and managed services as well as providing high power density data center co-location with fully managed IT operation. Customers can also run simulations on their HPC cloud which is powered by 40,000+ CPU cores and 100+ NVIDIA T4/V100/A100 GPUs globally.

With a national network servicing every state in Malaysia, Rahim & Co provides expert localised services; giving accurate real estate advice while maintaining the same standard of service befitting a major property consultancy group. At Rahim & Co we believe our strength lies in our people. We continuously stress on teamwork and the importance of cultivating an environment that is quick to respond to market dynamics. Rahim & Co provides high quality services that combine the best of international standards with local know-how. Rahim & Co is registered with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents and the Ministry of Finance. Rahim & Co Chartered Surveyors Sdn Bhd and Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) have recently embarked on a discussion to potentially forge a strategic partnership. PNB, as one of the country’s largest asset managers with a significant exposure in the real estate sector, is an ideal partner for Rahim & Co in order to realise our aspiration of becoming a regional champion in the real estate services industry. This partnership will enable us to enhance the performance and quality of PNB’s property assets and the expansion of PNB’s overall real estate portfolio.