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GEMS Got Talent!

GEMS Got Talent July 2020 has been viewed on one of our social media platforms over 1000 times to date – and this is only the Primary School! We should not really be surprised as the children were fantastically excited to watch along together the online event and, as for the results show, well it did have the same sense of anticipation as BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing (which the teachers love – even if some deny it).Selecting the 11 finalists was a near impossible task as the entries submitted from children in Foundation Stage right up to our Year 6 students were simply fantastic. The finalists’ acts ranged from a Year 2 singer and drummer, to a Year 4 gymnast, to a Year 5 singer to a FS2 dancer. We were also treated to classical pianists, budding vocalists and the most confusing magician (who still will not reveal his secrets). The guitar player was so good that a media platform thought we were playing the real song which must be a compliment! It was a ‘feel good’ event that provided our children with the chance to showcase their talents to the community. Performing and visual arts, sports, creativity and expression are not ‘extras’ – they are core part of what makes our school special. Actors, painters, singers, performers and creators are as important asscientists, engineers, mathematicians and business leaders. At GEMS, we have talent and we let it show.