The Covid-19 crisis is a unique, hopefully once-in-a-lifetime crisis which is testing us to adapt in complex situations. Amidst this new reality, understanding how consumers, shoppers, citizens and patients react is more critical than ever. Just as world leaders depend on data to make crucial decisions to save lives, the availability of good data is important for business leaders to keep their enterprises alive in a time where we have turned to digital innovations more than ever.

Data collection gives companies a clearer path forward as the crisis resolves, allowing them to emerge faster and confident with a sound strategy for growth and success as world economies recover. This webinar aims to discuss the present challenges & opportunities to shift towards online and digital research. Join our speaker from IPSOS Malaysia to hear more on the current issue.

Topics covered:

  • Challenges faced by data collection in a global crisis
  • Opportunities created by online and digital research
  • The future of data collection
  • Consumer Confidence Index
  • Global and Malaysian concerns surrounding COVID-19

The event is finished.

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