Understanding Malaysia’s Intellectual Property (IP) Landscape

The British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC) in collaboration with Rouse & Co. International is pleased to organise a webinar to launch the Intellectual Property (IP) Enforcement Manual for Malaysia.

The Manual highlights relevant IP Sections/Regulations/Acts. It also provides a practical commentary for businesses both local and foreign giving an insight into the Malaysian landscape, and sharing information on the rules and regulations along with some examples.

IP owners and businesses may use this Manual to have a basic understanding of the IP offences committed, possible defences and how the law considers the two types of infringement namely trademark counterfeiting and copyright piracy. This will assist businesses to better prepare their enforcement strategy and approaches.

Join this webinar to find out more! Please register through the link below or email darshini@bmcc.org.my for further information.

The event is finished.

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