If human error is an issue at your company, either in the factories, or in the office, including the sales people, then read on!

Conor O’Connell, MD, TMI Ireland, has helped companies save enormous amounts of money – and improve customer satisfaction – through human error reduction.

Some recent success stories from this powerful TMI way of thinking:

  • RM60m: In KL last year, the senior management team from a local bank, attending Conor’s workshop, found that human error was costing them RM60 million a year on opportunity costs in just one of their many product lines
  • Millions of USD: a telecommunications equipment manufacturer saved millions of dollars a year. This was achieved by reducing the error rate on the assembly line from 6-8% to 2%.
  • Slashed complaints: A major utility reduced its customer complaints by 75%
  • Halved errors: the number of documentation errors was reduced by 50% by a major client.

In short, human error means big bucks!

Public program: 18-19 November Please follow this link to a public program that we are running with Conor.

We have an early bird rate up to 30 October. There are major discounts for group bookings.

You will be amazed how a change in thinking has a major impact on the behaviours of employees. This is our experience around the world.


The event is finished.

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