ASEAN, with a vast single market comprising 600 million people and the world’s third-largest labour force, presents opportunities in diverse sectors for small and large investors. As the bloc becomes more integrated, ASEAN is projected to become the fourth-largest economy by 2030, with the best growth potential for investors in the medium and long term.

As one of the top countries in ASEAN, Malaysia continues to be a popular destination for foreign companies looking to establish their regional operations.

Join us for this webinar as our speakers share insights and discuss:

  • Malaysia’s initiatives to revitalise the economy and plans to move up the value chain towards high-impact, high-value, high-tech investments.
  • Updates on the current trade and investment opportunities in Southeast Asia, opportunities in Malaysia and its potential in the region.
  • The role of SMEs in the global supply chain and in revitalising the economy.

The webinar will include a Q&A session. Participants are encouraged to forward questions to, prior to the webinar.

The event is finished.

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