Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic in March 2020, the virus has claimed close to 3 million lives worldwide, with 137 million confirmed cases as at April 2021. A year of wearing masks and avoiding crowded areas has not been able to stop the pandemic – hence the vaccine is the anticipated game changer. While more than 733 million vaccines doses have been administrated worldwide, vaccine hesitancy among Malaysians is still high: What is the extent of the vaccine protection we can expect? What about the emerging risks? Do the risks outweigh the benefits?

With Phase 2 (for senior citizens and high-risk groups) of our national immunisation programme in full swing and Phase 3 (for all adults) starting, our expert speakers from the Sunway Medical Centre are on hand to provide timely insights on the following topics:

  • Safety and Efficacy of The Vaccine
  • Contraindications
  • Possible Side Effects After Vaccination
  • Immunity to Covid-19 After Vaccination
  • Protection from New Variants of Covid-19
  • Care for Vulnerable Groups – Senior Citizens, Pregnant Women etc.

Platform: Zoom

  • The Access Link will be emailed at least 24 hours before the commencement of the webinar. The Access Link is unique and should not be forwarded to or shared with others.

The event is finished.

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