Conducting Effective and Professional Internal Investigations

Does Your Company Have an Internal Investigations Strategy That Withstands Legal and Ethical Scrutiny?

Join Us to Learn Why This is Imperative for Your Organisation in Today’s Business World

Many businesses have come to realise a professional internal investigation capability is necessary to ensure legal compliance, deal with issues related to staff disciplinary or dismissal proceedings effectively and ethically, ensure business continuity and protect brand image, but may not be adequately equipped in this area as yet.

The BMCC and Key Risk Consulting Asia invite you to an informative webinar designed to significantly help business owners and managers understand their authority to conduct internal investigations, their legal rights, how evidence of wrongdoing should be gathered and presented, how suspected wrongdoers should be treated before and during disciplinary action, as well as identifying and training staff to conduct investigations into wrongdoing.

Robert Youill, Founder and Executive Director of Key Risk Consulting Asia Ltd and Key Risk Training Solutions Ltd and his team, who possess in-depth experience in conducting internal investigations within the corporate world as well as legal expertise, will take you through the internal investigation requirements and procedures that businesses need to be aware of.

Platform: Zoom

  • The Access Link will be emailed at least 24 hours before the commencement of the webinar. The Access Link is unique and should not be forwarded to or shared with others.

The event is finished.

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