This unprecedented crisis has brought about a worldwide economic standstill. No individual or business is truly prepared or protected. From a single point of origin, the outbreak has spread to affect the major economies and global superpowers of this era. National containment measures have somewhat levelled the curve, but at great cost to economic vitality. And yet, the risk of recurrence remains.

With no historical pattern to draw upon, these measures combined with major monetary and stimulus packages and risk perceptions have created a volatile and unpredictable business environment, especially in the FX market. Have we done enough to salvage our economy or are our financial markets beyond recovery?

Join us for an interactive discussion on:

  • How financial markets are reacting to the crisis
  • How the containment measures are impacting the market at different levels – nationally, regionally, and globally
  • The mitigation measures to manage the impact
  • The FX strategies to consider for now, and in the preparedness for recovery

The event is finished.

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