A Celebration of British & Malaysian Jazz


Gower & Mae and the BMCC are pleased to bring to you a leisure evening of entertainment, food, wine and all-round networking as we celebrate botht he legacy and fusion of British & Malaysian jazz.

Featuring Sean C, Jimmy Boyle and The Ragged Tigers, we can think of no better nominee to take you on this musical journey. If you’re ready to jive into this unique event, RSVP away and we’ll be seeing you at No Black Tie, Bukit Bintang on October 18th!

Pricing: Free of Charge for BMCC Sterling Members

RM 28 Nett for BMCC Members | RM 48 Nett for Non-Members

​To RSVP, email your interest to events@bmcc.org.my

Or contact our BMCC office at +603 2163 1784 for more info

The event is finished.

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