Past Events

Britcham Cambodia Briefing & 1-2-1 Meetings on Education Sector

Last week, the BMCC was pleased to host Britcham Cambodia in organising a Briefing and 1-2-1 Meetings Session on the theme “Business Opportunities in the Education Sector in Cambodia.” Represented by Britcham Cambodia’s Executive Director, Ritchie Munro, who gave the keynote presentation, this visit represented a great opportunity for all those in attendance who had vested interests in understanding the current business climate in Cambodia within the education sector. As was explained, the education sector is developing rapidly and South East Asia is its largest growth market, with visible increases of nearly 40% in the number of private schools since 2013.

Through discussions with Market & Sector Experts Trevor Sworn and Ali Copple, the session explored current market trends, challenges and opportunities and market access, focusing on breaking down the sector and looking at education opportunities in: ELT, TVET and STEM, Services, materials, technologies, and Private General Education.