Past Events


11th June 2018 will go down as a historic day for the BMCC as the Chamber completes the legal processes to becoming a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLBG). At an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held on this morning, a panel led by Andrew Sill (BMCC Chairman), David Ng (BMCC Deputy Chairman) and Aurelia Silva (Executive Director) addressed attending members on the rationale to transition away from operating as a Society under the Registrar of Societies and the Societies Act 1996.

After 55 years, it is time for the Chamber to embrace this natural transformation to operate more effectively towards achieving greater potential in delivering more versatile and rewarding services for our members. At the EGM, a voting process was carried out where a favourable majority from the members signalled the dissolution of the Society and thus the undertaking of a reborn identity as the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce Berhad (1280091-P). We thank all members and parties who played a part in making this possible as we now embark together on an exciting new journey.