Past Events

BMCC Breakfast Talk Series #8

​The BMCC conducted the 8th edition of the TMF sponsored Breakfast Talk Series, this time on the theme “British Education in Malaysia.” Attracting parents whose children attend international or British curricular schools as well as those working within the Education industry, this breakfast talk featured Professor Tony Downes, Provost from the University of Reading Malaysia and James Wellings, Director of Innovative Learning, Garden International School KL.

Professor Tony, who chose the topic “What are UK Universities Doing in Malaysia” spoke of the growing demand for British education in emerging economies with growing populations and new middle classes such as Malaysia. He debunked the myth that the appetite for British or American education is no longer just a privilege for the wealthy, however in line with the Malaysian Blueprint for Higher Education, the aspirations to pursue studies abroad are increasingly realistic for many.

James Wellings in turn spoke on “Creating a Learning Culture.” Mr Wellings shared how the Garden International School encourages their students to cultivate a natural learning habit, not just during their schooling years but one that they will carry with them into the professional sphere. Several points highlighted by James in cultivating this mentality is by creating low risk opportunities, reflective practices and coaching focus as well as developing a growth mindset.

©Pictures courtesy of Garden International School Kuala Lumpur