Past Events

BMCC Breakfast Talk Series #7

​The BMCC’s Breakfast Talk Series, sponsored by TMF Group continued its run with the 7th monthly edition, focusing on the overarching theme of Human Capital * Employee Engagement Diversity in the Workplace. Hosted at Regus in Menara Prestige, a comfortable number of around 15 members attended in what proved to be an engaging and interactive discussion.

Dr. Indigo Triplett, author, speaker and CEO of 4 D Performance spoke first on “Increasing Performance by Understanding Engagement.” She shared her professional insights on the rules of engagement that exists within every organisation, and how managers can help their employees better integrate into the company by fully understanding these unwritten rules. She shared tools for increasing engagement, and touched on employee retention, hiring of new talents and the struggles of managing employees.

Up next, Deepa Vadovelu, Human Resource Manager of Apex Point Sdn Bhd presented on “Women Enforcement & Empowerment in the Workplace.” She shared that in 2013, the male employment-to-population ratio stood at 72.2 %, while the ratio for females was 47.1 %. Women continue to contribute in labour markets on an unequal basis with men. She cited a woman’s family responsibilities, lack of management support, mentoring, training and development as some significant barriers to a women in leadership roles.