Past Events

BMCC Breakfast Talk 1 with MYXpats & TalentCorp

The BMCC kicked off its first Breakfast Talk of the year with speakers from MYXpats and Talentcorp on the theme “Facilitating Expatriates in Malaysia.” Mr. Siva Kumeren A. Narayanan (Executive Director, MYXpats) and Ms. Farah Delah Suhaimi (Manager, Industry Partnership, TalentCorp) spoke on the topics of “Immigrations Transformation: The Expatriate Chapter” and “TalenCorp’s Programs & Initiatives respectively” to a crowd of 30 attendees.

The evolution of Malaysia’s Talent Agenda includes the launch of Malaysia’s Future of Work Blueprint to tee up to TN50 that examines the talent landscape of pour country today, its areas requiring improvement as well as the skills that budding talents need to prepare for a future of work defined by technology. Among the initiatives established is the Residence Pass-Talent (RP-T) program, designed to facilitate the entry and stay of top foreign talent with the skillsets and expertise needed to help address critical skills gaps and diversify Malaysia’s talent pool via a 10-year renewable pass for highly qualified expatriates to continue to reside and work in Malaysia.