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Activpayroll | Happy One Year Anniversary!

Congratulations to our member Activpayroll on their one-year anniversary!

5 January 2024 marks the first anniversary since Andrew (Executive Director for APAC) and David (Chief People Officer) arrived in Malaysia to greet the latest additions to the Activpayroll team, who joined through acquisition in late 2022.

Subsequently, a multitude of new team members have joined their ranks as they underwent expansion, contributing to global initiatives and elevating the experience for both their customers and employees.

With their rapid growth, the need for an expanded workspace became evident, ensuring their teams have a work environment that instils genuine pride and belonging.

On 5 January, Manish (Regional Director – GSS) and Andrew had the honour of inaugurating their new Kuala Lumpur office, symbolizing the unity of their expanding team. This space goes beyond being a mere office; it is a canvas for creativity and collaboration. More than just activpayroll’s APAC Headquarters and Global Support Service Center (GSS), it stands as their hub for collaboration and innovation, a powerhouse driving their endeavours forward!

Visit them here for more information!