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GEMS International School: Virtual Sports Day Results!

Sports Day is an important event in the academic calendar of any British school and we were not going to let a nasty virus spoil the fun. Thankfully, our PE Team is a very resourceful and determined group and, despite the campus being closed, Sports Day ran virtually in Term 3 and it was a huge success. Run as an inter-house competition, the children enjoyed gaining points for their team by taking part in a series of PE related activities, with mums and dads (sometimes even pets) joining in. In the afternoon, children very honestly submitted their scores that were then compiled into totals for each house.

The children attained a huge amount of points, with Emerald House earning over 31,000! Garnet and Sapphire houses tallied over 50,000 each but it was the yellow of Morion house that was the winning colour to be displayed. The children had a huge amount of fun but there was actually an importance to the day in terms of our school’s values and philosophy. We are dedicated to building young people who can work with others, collaborate, play a part in a team and take enjoyment from shared success. We want all GEMS children to be physically healthy, to take part in competitions in a sporting manner and to be able to handle not winning as graciously as securing a victory. Sport is of equal value at GEMS as class based subjects and our Virtual Sports Day was just one way in which we promote this important aspect of child development.