Meet The CEO

Michael Bright, Managing Director, IMSM Limited

IMSM (International Management Systems Marketing) is a leading ISO specialist delivering high-quality ISO consultancy services and standards to organisations of all sizes, from all sectors, all over the world.  

Our roots in Malaysia began in 2009 with our clients Walta Engineering in Perai, Penang and Electric Library, Selangor both who remain our clients to this day.  

For over 25 years, IMSM has delivered high-quality ISO consultancy services and management systems to organisations of all sizes and sectors internationally. Our experts have supported over 15,000 companies to achieve standards relevant to their business.

What are some of your organisation’s proudest moments/milestones in Malaysia?

Malaysia has been a pivotal destination in IMSM’s global journey, holding a special place in the company’s history.  

The invaluable collaborations with representatives from the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC). 

Collaborating with BMCC representatives to visit various organisations was pivotal in IMSM’s engagement with the local business community. This collaboration opened doors to new opportunities, facilitating the growth of IMSM and allowing the company to establish meaningful connections with Malaysian enterprises.  

Based on your overall experience of doing business in Malaysia, name the advantages and challenges of doing business in Malaysia.

One of the standout advantages of doing business in Malaysia is the warm and welcoming presence of Malaysian business people towards UK-based enterprises. Their open-minded approach to international trade and investment extends to firms from the United Kingdom.  

One challenge we’ve faced, particularly in international businesses, is navigating the intricacies of currency and financial transactions. Some banks might only accept the Malaysian Ringgit, which can create hurdles when repatriating funds to the UK.

What did you do, or are you still doing, to overcome these challenges? 

The currency challenge we experienced was addressed by encouraging businesses to make payments in a more universally accepted currency, such as US dollars. This solution has been very successful for our business, and we continue to include this in our operating practices. 

How do you see your business growth and prospects in Malaysia now? 

As IMSM continues to navigate global business landscapes, Malaysia emerges as a focal point for growth and expansion. Our presence in twelve countries reflects its unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable development, and the Malaysian market, in particular, holds immense promise.  

As Malaysia progresses, IMSM anticipates an enduring partnership that transcends the present and extends into the future. The company is dedicated to providing Malaysian organisations with the tools and guidance they need to excel in a globally competitive environment. 

What recommendation or advice would you give to other companies looking to invest or do business in Malaysia?

Businesses looking to Malaysia for growth and expansion I would recommend that they use the guidance and connections provided by the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC) that can be a game-changer. 

The BMCC’s expertise, local insights, and extensive network make them an invaluable partner for companies considering investments or business operations in Malaysia. 

I strongly advise that businesses leverage the BMCC’s support and expertise.  

What are the top 3 reasons for your organisation joining the BMCC?

The chamber’s knowledge of the Malaysian market, regulatory framework, and business practices can provide essential insights for navigating the intricacies of the local market.

What is the top value you see for yourself or your organisation in being a member of the BMCC?

The BMCC is always there to provide a guiding hand whenever we need it. This type of reachability and commitment to service is why we maintain our membership. 

In one sentence, how would you describe your own experience or your organisation’s experience as a member of the BMCC?

Our membership in the BMCC has provided us with expert guidance, an influential network, and a strong voice in the Malaysian business community.