The much anticipated inaugural Malaysia Budget 2019 by the new Pakatan Harapan government has finally been tabled on 2nd November 2018. Themed “A Resurgent Malaysia, A Dynamic Economy, A Prosperous Society,” the Budget focuses on 3 core objectives: To implement institutional reforms, to ensure the socio-economic well-being of Malaysians and to foster an entrepreneurial economy.


The comprehensiveness of the Budget which has garnered praise from the World Bank includes tax reforms and allocations across the areas of tourism, real estate, education, PTPTN loans, healthcare, Industry4WRD, gaming as well as proposals affecting employers, individuals, vehicle ownership and property. All things considered, Budget 2019 sends a clear message of the Government’s serious reformation intent to enhance revenue, maintain fiscal discipline and support the liveability of the B40 group towards re-invigorating Malaysia’s long term growth despite challenging times ahead.


To further shed light on Budget 2019, join us for this landmark BMCC event as we hold our first ever half-day Conference, bringing in a line-up of distinguished speakers from both public and private sectors.

This conference is organised by the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Malaysian French Chamber of Commerce & Industry and sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia

The event is finished.

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