Past Events

BMCC & MABC: Marketing to Asian Millennials 27 SEP 2018

Joining forces with the Malaysia Australia Business Council (MABC), the BMCC hosted a Talk & Networking Evening on “Marketing to Asian Millennials: How do corporate brands win the battle of minds & hearts.” The forum featured a panel with Mark O’Dea, Celebrity and British TV Host, Joanna Soh, Asia’s No. 1 Fitness Youtuber, Winnie Chua, Co-Founder of Policystreet Insurtech and a spokesperson from Google Malaysia. Moderating the discussion was Desmond Ngai, Senior VP of WebTVAsia. It is forecasted that Asia’s most powerful bloc of consumers will come from the 1 billion millennials below the age of 35. This event was hosted to discuss marketing trends and strategies towards the current generation of tech savvy youths in a digital age where the traditional models of media and branding are evolving. Over 50 attendees from both Chambers attended the event, with a lucky draw contest concluding the evening.