Resumption Of Malaysia Immigration Department’s Services

4 May 2020


The Movement Control Order (“MCO”) in Malaysia started on 18th March 2020 and is to end on 12th May 2020. The Prime Minister of Malaysia announced on 1st May 2020 some ease in the restrictions for certain businesses to resume on 4th May 2020 but they need to strictly adhere to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

In line with this, the Immigration Department of Malaysia has on 2nd May 2020 evening released a general statement regarding resumption of the department’s services.

  1. All foreigners who have overstayed from 1st January 2020 till 14 days after the end of MCO, can leave Malaysia without being blacklisted or issued compound.
  2. All pass facilitation for foreigners whose Pass has expired from 1st February 2020 can apply for the Special Pass (to legalise the overstay) at any immigration office within 30 working days from the end of the MCO period.
  3. All appointments for immigration counter services (except Visa, Pass, Permit Division and Expatriate Division) have to be done through the online system at which can be accessed starting 8th May 2020 (Friday). No appointments are needed for transactions at the Security and Passport Division.
  4. All immigration counter services at UTCs nationwide will resume operations after the end of MCO period.
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