Industry Advocacy

The BMCC Government Advocacy Working Group was formed with the aim of preparing advocacy positions on policy and taxation issues impacting the business community and presenting such positions with a single voice to the relevant authorities.

The BMCC Advocacy Working Group comprises senior level executives from multinational conglomerates and a BMCC advisor who has had an industrious career in governmental affairs. The Working Group was established for the primary aim of relaying the business needs of our members to the Malaysian Government.

Since its installation in 2017, the Working Group has gathered feedback from our members regarding numerous financial matters, such as the Withholding Tax on overseas services, the Tourism Tax Bill, the 2018 National Budget and the Future of Tax Incentives.

The feedback gathered was then presented to the Government at exclusive roundtable discussions, with a BMCC spokesperson forwarding the findings on how British and Malaysian businesses  the proposed measures.

The most significant impact thus far has been a Ministerial Exemption on the Withholding Tax Bill announced in Parliament as a result of the collective efforts contributed by the BMCC Advocacy Working Group. Both the Malaysian Government and members of the BMCC have expressed their appreciation for this platform, which facilitates a bridge of mediation between the private and public sectors.